To all of our loyal and wonderful fans and friends from around the world:

In 2011, I created Gary Mullen and The Works International Fan Club and I never envisioned that a small idea would become a huge reality. The tremendous success of the club is due to each fan that supports our phenomenal band worldwide. With sincerest gratitude, I thank each one of y'all for supporting Gary Mullen and The Works and for believing in me.

With the international popularity that the Fan Club has achieved, the time committment required to run the club has increased substantially. It has become a struggle for me to manage both the club and my responsibilities at home. Our children always come first and I hope that y'all will support my decision that in the coming days, Gary Mullen and The Works International Fan Club will come to an end.

It has been an incredible journey from start to finish and a true labor of love. The memories that I take with me will last a lifetime. The incredible fans of the band that I have come to know will be my most precious memory. You each have a permanent place in my heart and the joy you have given me is overwhelming. It has been a privilege and a humbling experience to represent the fans and the world's best Queen tribute band...truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. I am blessed.

Please don't be sad that it is over, to the contrary, be glad that it happened. Every ending is a new beginning and I look forward to the next journey that awaits me.

Long live One Night of Queen...

Much love and adoration,

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